First A Little History

I write a couple of blogs, each with a different focus on my life, each allowing me to write with a different perspective and, if you like, emotion.

tilly2tone saystilly2tone started so many years ago, and has been an on and off project for quite a while. I remember how it started like it was yesterday.

In reality it's been 5 years of yesterdays.

I was sitting at my desk doing my day job; a white collar, responsible, accountable, profitable 9 hour day analysing business requirements and writing code.

Mostly C# and TSQL for the technical literate amongst us.

Business web applications; data in, validated and stored to be retrieved and displayed at some point in the future.

When you have been developing applications for as long as I have, you can break down every requirement as follows:

1. Provide text box (or other input object) to accept data
2. Validate data with agreed/signed off business rules
3. Store data in repository
4. When required, retrieve data
5. Format and display data for edit or read only scenario



So was I. That was my motivation.

I could almost see brain cells falling from my head splashing onto the desk; irretrievable, wasted, atrophied, suicided. So I wrote the first tilly2one blog there and then. tilly2tone says why not write more.

I'd been writing for years, but never with any intent to publish or progress into something that could be serialised and read by others. But to save my sanity I changed all that.

tilly2tone is my wife. 2tone because when we first met she dressed in mostly grey scale. We live, love, argue, stress, worry and laugh all in a single day and some of that ends up in a blog post.

Inspiration can come from a word, a sentence, a raised eyebrow and I write and usually wander way off from the original intent of the post. I don't care. It's therapeutic.

And it still keeps me sane.

tilly2tone is supposed to be mildly humorous, entertaining and the equivalent of a popcorn movie. Read it, enjoy it while it lasts, forget it if you like. Or preferably come back and read it again because it made you feel homely, unchallenged and partly sustained. Oh, and eager for the next one.

Oh, and be assured, it's not a technical blog.

old dad new dad Old Dad New Dad was a blog I started after tilly2tone and I decided to start a family together. We already had children from previous relationships, mostly teenage, nearing independence of some sort, certainly demanding less time and attention from us. So we decided to do it all again, but this time together in this second chance relationship.

I wasn't convinced at first and it took tilly2tone a couple of years to help me realise it was the right thing to do and that I wasn't too old to start again. A few years later and we have 2 children together, Ben who is 3 and Alice who is 18 months.

It was, is, and I imagine will always be the hardest thing I have ever done. Since they have entered and dominated our lives I have been through most emotions, good and bad in reconciling my forty something lifestyle with two hectic all time consuming lives.

What better source material for an emotion filled blog filled with love and happiness, laughter and tears, stress and distress, worry and concern, and anger and depression.

As if that isn't enough, Ben was 6 weeks premature, hospitalised for a month before coming home, tiny, dependant and our miracle.Alice was born not breathing, home birth and bagged until the ambulance arrived and another stay in hospital.

Thinking back each birth was stressful, both with gloriously happy outcomes, but at the time it was one step in front of the other from day to day until home time and homecoming.

Old Dad New Dad is supposed to be an account, an observation, an exorcism of my coming to terms and acceptance, of a postponed forty something lifestyle I imagined of apres ski, European adventures (mainly Tuscan if I'm honest) and international rugby games. Instead I have two beautiful babies who I often forget to appreciate and be thankful for albeit fleetingly but always remember to love and adore and kiss goodnight.

I am that lucky.